Welcome to our Community!
We are conveniently located in Ranson, WV, in Jefferson County. Nearby cities within 30-45 minutes’ drive include Leesburg and Winchester, VA as well as Hagerstown and Frederick, MD. The Baltimore and Washington D.C. Beltways are just an hour's commute from here.


UPDATE:  Currently there is a hold on the sidewalk repair/replacement.  Once more information is available, another announcement will be made.
For questions or concerns, please contact Marla Elkon at melkon@clagett.com.


R&L Landscaping will be in the community on Thursday, 10/14/2021 and Friday, 10/15/2021 for turf control.  They will be putting down granular and liquid fertilizer (weather dependent). 
Please try and refrain from walking or having animals on the lawns for 24 hours after application.

Upcoming Events

None at this time.

Online Payments

Please visit the following website to pay your UOA assessment online:  PAY ASSESSMENT
The following information is needed to pay online:
Management ID: 6972
Association ID:  443
Account #:  this is individual to each homeowner

Thank You

Thank you to all the Frontline Workers!  We appreciate your dedication, hard work and all that you are doing.  Please stay safe!