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We are conveniently located in Ranson, WV, in Jefferson County. Nearby cities within 30-45 minutes’ drive include Leesburg and Winchester, VA as well as Hagerstown and Frederick, MD. The Baltimore and Washington D.C. Beltways are just an hour's commute from here.


Message from the City of Ranson:
“Work will begin next week to complete the connection of Fairfax Blvd between 16 and 18th streets.  Completion of this 1100-foot stretch of roadway not only connects our community, but it completes a road planned in the original layout of Charles Town and Ranson.  The city has made a tremendous effort to lessen the impact to the Fairfax Crossing Community and Residents living along the connection to the Fairfax Crossing Oval (peanut).  Construction vehicles will access the site via a construction road off Foal Street.  This will prevent contractor vehicles from coming through the Fairfax Crossings community, and from traveling on Fairfax from the traffic circle by city hall.  Unfortunately, some things can’t be avoided.  There will be some noise due to the drilling and blasting necessary to put the road in, but the city has enlisted the services of an engineering team that has minimized the drilling and blasting.  More information will come out on exactly when the loud work will take place.
We apologize for the inconvenience and encourage you to support the growth of our city.”


UPDATE:  Currently there is a hold on the sidewalk repair/replacement.  Once more information is available, another announcement will be made.
For questions or concerns, please contact Marla Elkon at melkon@clagett.com.

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Thank You

Thank you to all the Frontline Workers!  We appreciate your dedication, hard work and all that you are doing.  Please stay safe!